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  • The Original Workable Philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard

    What IS the Original Workable Philosophy of Ron you might ask?

    The Workable Philosophy of Ron is a researched and developed method of improving and expanding the awareness of the individual and through the use of specific exercises enhances the individual's ability to improve his own life and spirituality.

    There are two aspects to the technology Ron developed. Training and Auditing (Auditing means: to listen). Training encompasses the information which Ron discovered about life which people were not previously aware and which, when applied, improves a person's ability and understanding of life.

    Auditing is that specific action designed to improve a person's ability in a particular area of his or her life or relieve the individual of the effects of past activities.

    So the Original Technology which Ron developed after thousands and thousands of hours of research and development is the technology which provides a predictable result for a specific action followed.

    Where can you get the Original Workable Philosophy of Ron?

    After some extensive research, checking andverification the International Freezone Association has established that the original technology can be obtained from the Clearbird series featured here: International Freezone

    FANZA encourages you to check out this information and hopes you find it of assistance in your travel up the bridge to spiritual freedom.

    New Look for FANZA

    The FANZA site has undergone a new look.

    Now on the site are Definitions, FAQ a Tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard and some useful information on Internet and computer security.

    Also available for download is the Free book. 'What is the Freezone'. If you don't have this book go to http://FANZA.axdf.net
    and download this book now!

    Further facilities will be added as time permits including an extension of the links to other interesting and valuable Freezone sites.


    The Most Valuable People in the World

    Lafayette Ron Hubbard said that Auditors were the most valuable people in the world. Of course he was right. But the most valuable of all the auditors in the planet must be those battling it out in the field. Alone with sparse technical and administrative support, relying valiantly on their own mettle and the Cof S looming in the shadows waiting to pounce for any infringement of their perceived monopoly with the weapon of copyright.

    What does an Auditor need out there carrying the Flag for Rons Tech? An Auditor needs support. An Auditor needs and deserves the sort of support the most valuable beings in the world should have! C/S support. Admin support. Someone there to provide succor. Someone guarding their door to freedom while they are busy helping someone else with theirs. Someone to help them stay on the straight and narrow path of LRH standard technology with all the right references and guidance whilst surrounded by the aberrations of the planet.

    And what about the PC? Where would an auditor be without a PC in front of him? And how can a PC find an auditor not 1000 miles away but within reach and who actually uses LRH Technology and not some strange alter-is of the tech designed to produce startling effects and no lasting substance? When a PC has just been thrust out of the C of S door and had it slammed shut behind him and he is left apparently looking at a spiritual desert. Where does he go? What does he do? How can he continue up the bridge?

    The International Freezone Association is a non profit association specifically set up and designed to provide for it's members:

    A Technical Support Centre for Auditors and PCs in the field including:

    Flub Catch,
    Case Review,
    Quality Assurance
    Upgrading through Tape, Video and many other services.

    A comprehensive LRH reference section as part of preserving and promoting the technology complete with a search facility especially designed for Auditors and PCs.

    An aggressive marketing support structure set up including surveys, Advertising, Press Release and News Stories, Listings on Search engines, Banner advertising and more specifically to provide new pcs for auditors.

    A Communication Line for pcs to locate auditors they can feel safe with and who they know will apply LRH original technology to their case.

    A legal support system for individuals, auditors and groups members subject to unwarranted attacks and hassles.

    The knowledge that, despite what any other groups or church does, the technology is still being preserved and available.

    Do you see the benefits of these?

    The IFA has been constructed with the foresight in mind to predict possible issues that face the Freezone in the future and that can also face their members. This is why there is such an extensive Constitution. An exacting Terms of Use and a carefully thought out Dispute Resolution Process. Where else can you find the predictability offered by the use of these services? Many hundreds of hours went into the construction of the association with lots of discussion of, "What ifs?" and "How do we handle this issue if it arises?" It may have been originated by one person but many experienced Scientologists participated and contributed. Experienced Class VIs and Class VIIIs. People with many years of LRH administrative experience. All made serious contributions to the IFA format, working it over, picking holes, finding and indicating flaws and tweaking it until it fit the criteria as outlined in the purposes of preserving, protecting and promoting the original technology of Ron.
    It is no coincidence that the web site is 'green on white', and has a picture of Ron on the front! The IFA is dedicated to Rons Original Technology. To its preservation, it's protection and its promotion.

    Each member, although a member of the association, is still an individual. There is no intrusion into a member's life or any dictatorial approach as to how one should live or be. The only criterion is "Has the member agreed to the Constitution and Terms of Service?" If so that person can become a member. There is no, "we don't like you because of this or that", no holding one's past against one. No wog or Cof S attitudes of cut comm lines, exclusions or stops on the lines. Our interest is in the future, and in pursuing our purposes as packaged in our motto, "Preserve, Protect & Promote".

    Our aim is to keep the technology sound and being applied and to be able to support and offer succor to those who apply it.

    I feel sure that most of you would agree this is a fine goal to have.

    International Freezone Association
    'Preserve, Protect & Promote'

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